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Selasa, 23 Maret 2010

Take a Pictures On Saturday ^-^

Haloo, haloo everyone....
In the post, I will only talking about ’our Photo’ in last time.
And the photos we took on Saturday....
When we ekskul jurnalistic...

-Abit, Ade, Rena and Me (Ani)-

It’s Our!

Oh, yeah! The photos I edit too... Please comment it!
And I hope you like it!
(please... please...please...)

at that moment when ustdzh. Atin go to teach al-kindi’s students, Me , rena, ade, and abit borrow her laptop for take a pictures.... Hhoho... ^-^
This beginning when ade and rena to take a pictures their style, their said ’This photo for j-alty’ (Hah?) .

See, they are very narsis tralala-trilili. ^,^ (Do you think like me?)

  • Then, abit come to gather with their. And they return for their photograph....

-Rena and ade Mode on with Abit-

  • And me only as a photografer, and I don’t want to take pictures with their, because... yeah, it’s my mind.... But, suddenly I more to take a pictures too.... Hhoho ^0^. (I'm not consistent about that)

-Abit, Ade (magician), Rena (singer) and Me (?)-

-It's my favorite photo. See, we're very nice-
-Is it True?-

So, guys, see you again.. thank you for read my posting...

Bye, bye All....

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